Refund Policy

Considering the opportunity to try EXOR COMPANY software for free during the trial period, no refunds will be given after you gain access to EXOR COMPANY software. However, EXOR COMPANY reserves the right to review each request on a case-by-case basis.

1. EXOR Company Will Not Offer A Refund If

  • EXOR COMPANY has reasonable grounds to suspect that your client account has been used for fraudulent activity.
  • EXOR COMPANY is required by law to suspend all financial transactions related to your client accounts if the.
  • EXOR COMPANY violated the terms.
  • If the EXOR COMPANY software is unavailable for technical reasons, prior notice is sent to you by email or displayed to you on the website or on the EXOR COMPANY Key software. EXOR COMPANY payments were made more than ninety (90) calendar days ago.

2. EXOR Company Will Offer a Refund

You weren't granted access to the EXOR COMPANY package, or your subscription wasn't activated at intervals of 24 (24) hours when full payment was with success received thanks to any technical reasons below EXOR COMPANY's responsibility

The payment was mistakenly created quite once at intervals within EXOR COMPANY’s control

  • for any services with identical functionalities,
  • for a constant amount of use, and
  • The amount between continual payment transactions is on the far side of 10 (10) minutes.

To receive a refund, make sure you send your request at intervals of 24 (24) hours since the first payment was created.


You mistakenly selected an extended subscription amount (for instance: three months instead of a 1-month subscription). In such a state of affairs, your refund is going to be prorated, and any discounts that were applied once you signed the EXOR COMPANY computer code are going to be deducted from the number EXOR COMPANY owes you. EXOR COMPANY can account for partial months in our refund calculation.

The EXOR COMPANY computer code was inaccessible for a consecutive 3 (3) hour amount thanks to technical reasons inside EXOR COMPANY’s management, and with no previous notification to you (an “Outage”). In such a state of affairs, your refund is going to be calculated as 1/30 of the monthly subscription fee you paid within the month once the Outages happened for each time period once such incidents occurred.

You haven’t used the EXOR COMPANY computer code (including visiting the website, launching the EXOR COMPANY computer code, creating requests via API, etc. together with your EXOR COMPANY Account details) for many last consecutive periods of the subscription.

In such a case, the refundable quantity is the unused pre-paid quantity (excluding this period), and any discounts that are applied once you signed to EXOR COMPANY computer code are going to be deducted from the number EXOR COMPANY owes you.

To receive a partial refund, requests should be submitted inside 24 (24) hours when the initial payment was created, and also the Outage was eliminated.

In case you have received the correct refund please note that every one tax amount, that EXOR COMPANY has mechanically increased and paid in line with the applicable law of jurisdiction you established, ar to be excluded from the refundable quantity. In any case, you've got no right to assert refunds of any paid by EXOR COMPANY ratable amounts.

EXOR COMPANY isn't liable for any fees that will be applied by your payment service supplier once process a refund.

4. Availability of Services, Suspension, and Termination

Subject to those Terms, EXOR COMPANY shall use commercially affordable efforts to produce the EXOR COMPANY package in any manner that may not disrupt your use of the services. You agree that from time to time, the EXOR COMPANY package is also inaccessible or inoperable for no matter reasons together with (i) instrumentation malfunctions; (ii) periodic maintenance or repairs; or (iii) causes on the far side the affordable management of EXOR COMPANY, or that area unit moderately unpredictable by EXOR COMPANY, together with the network congestion, any telecommunication or digital transmission link interruption or failure, malicious network attacks, or alternative failures. You agree that EXOR COMPANY isn't to blame for interruptions to the provision of the EXOR COMPANY package and acknowledge that EXOR COMPANY doesn't guarantee access to the EXOR COMPANY package on an eternal and uninterrupted basis EXOR COMPANY could suspend or terminate any EXOR COMPANY Account, and/or suspend or terminate the EXOR COMPANY package at any time, supported sole discretion, with no notice to you or any liability for doing this.

EXOR COMPANY isn't to blame for any support or maintenance concerning the website or package. EXOR COMPANY could – at its own discretion – modify the website or package and its functionalities at any time to reinforce the user expertise. EXOR COMPANY isn't to blame for any period thanks to these actions.

To the most level permissible by applicable law, EXOR COMPANY herewith disclaims all inexplicit warranties concerning the provision of the website and package.

5. External Link

The EXOR COMPANY package could embrace links to sure services from/by third parties, as well as advertisers and alternative content suppliers. EXOR COMPANY has no management over such joined services, and we don't seem to be to blame for their content, practicality, or lawfulness. Such third parties could collect information or request private data from you; EXOR COMPANY is by no means to blame for the gathering, usage, or revelation of any data such services could collect. Linking to the other services or sites from the EXOR COMPANY package is entirely at your own risk EXOR COMPANY’s informatics Rights All copyright, trademarks, rights, patents, and the other holding rights in and on the EXOR COMPANY package and every one content (including all applications and materials) placed on or accessible through the Success2wardskey package shall stay unconditional in EXOR COMPANY You must not copy, dismantle, reproduce, republish, decompile, download, post, broadcast, transmit, reverse engineer, create access to the general public, or otherwise use EXOR COMPANY content in any manner aside from personal non-commercial usage. Also, you agree to not adapt, alter, or create a by-product work from any EXOR COMPANY content aside from personal, non-commercial usage. the other use of EXOR COMPANY content needs the previous written permission of EXOR COMPANY.

Except as expressly allowable here, you will not use EXOR COMPANYs name, trademarks, service marks, or the other informatics Right of EXOR COMPANY in any manner some to counsel association or affiliation with or endorsement by EXOR COMPANY while not the categorical previous written consent of EXOR COMPANY, that EXOR COMPANY could withhold at its sole discretion. The names, images, and logos characteristic EXOR COMPANY or third-parties furthermore as their merchandise and/or services square measure subject to copyright and logos of EXOR COMPANY and/or third parties. Nothing contained in these Terms shall be seen as conferring any license or right to use any trademark or copyright of EXOR COMPANY or the other third party.

5. Feedback and User Content

You agree that User feedback advantages the EXOR COMPANY software package, all Users, and therefore the potency of the EXOR COMPANY software package, and you specifically request that EXOR COMPANY posts feedback on the website and anyplace else supported EXOR COMPANY’s discretion.

EXOR COMPANY doesn't usually investigate any User Content for accuracy or dependableness. Also, EXOR COMPANY doesn't guarantee that User Content is correct or reliable you're alone to blame for your User Content and are entirely to blame for any action which will be enforced by alternative Users or third parties thanks to or in line along with your User Content. EXOR COMPANY isn't wrongfully to blame for any feedback or comments denote or created on the market on the EXOR COMPANYsoftware package.

To maintain the integrity and operations of the feedback system and defend Users from any abuse, EXOR COMPANY reserves the correct (but is under no kind of obligation) to get rid of denoting feedback or data that, in EXOR COMPANY’s sole judgment, violates the Terms or negatively affects the Success2wardskey software package, depreciates the integrity of the feedback theme or otherwise isn't in keeping with the business interests of EXOR COMPANY. You agree that you just can send word EXOR COMPANY of any error or inaccurate statement in your feedback, which if you are doing not do thus, EXOR COMPANY could believe the accuracy of such data.

6. Indemnification

If a 3rd party makes any demand or criticism or initiates any action or files any claim any (a “Claim”) in line together with your use or abuse of the EXOR COMPANY package, together with your activities to market, supply, and/or sell a product or service, you shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless EXOR COMPANY its connected parties, and affiliates, and its administrators, officers, heirs, employees, agents representatives, licensors, attorneys, successors, and assignees (each, an “EXOR COMPANYParty”; and conjointly, the “EXOR COMPANY Parties”), from and against all kinds of damages, liabilities, claims or prices (including the prices of investigation, litigation, defense, and affordable attorneys’ fees and costs) (“Losses”) incurred by any EXOR COMPANY Party attributable to such Claim, in spite of whether or not such Losses ar incidental, direct, punitive, eventful, or statutory

7. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall any EXOR COMPANY party, or its heirs, assigns, and successors, be accountable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or eventful damages whatever arising out of, ensuing from, or in line with these Terms and/or any (a) use of or inability to use the EXOR COMPANY package, (b) any personal injury, property injury, or loss of any type, thanks to your access to or use of the EXOR COMPANY package, (c) unauthorized access to or usage of any personal info and/or monetary info hold on there, (d) interruption or termination of transmission to or from the EXOR COMPANY package, and/or (e) bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or the likes, which can be sent to or via the EXOR COMPANY package, whether or not or not EXOR COMPANY is suggested of the likelihood of any such damages. notwithstanding something here to the contrary, the most addictive and combination liability of EXOR COMPANY for all damages, costs, or losses from claims arising beneath or concerning these Terms, whether or not in the contract, wrongdoing, or otherwise, shall not exceed the number adequate the entire amounts due and owed by EXOR COMPANY to you beneath these Terms for the month now preceding the date upon that such damages accumulate.