Who we are ?

When Bitcoin experienced its first halving in 2012, reaching a high of $13.50 for the first time, the world witnessed an important event in the history of cryptocurrencies. An concept to develop a platform that would encourage digital entrepreneurship first surfaced in the western world around this period. Exor Company was born out of this and began as a modest cryptocurrency and forex trading hub.

As cryptocurrencies evolved with strong returns, Exor's executives turned their attention to precision metals like gold. They recognized that the US government holds the world's largest gold reserves, making it a valuable investment. This complemented Exor's existing interests in crypto and forex for aggressive growth, along with the reliability of precious metals.

Over time, word of their trading activity's popularity spread to nearby towns, and more people developed an interest in trading cryptocurrencies and FX in order to flourish financially. The business established an affiliate system that let people take part in the trading activities and benefit appropriately in order to meet this expanding demand.

In order to suit our member’s needs, we at Exor Company are dedicated to offering the most revolutionary and creative solutions. We have a group of specialists on staff that are committed to providing specialised solutions and competent in their respective fields. Our membership programme meets the individual requirements of each member and offers them calculated and appropriate returns on their investments. We think we can assist our members succeed financially and safeguard their digital future by utilising the most recent industry innovations.