Types of different income you can earn along with ROI, is known as Affiliate income structure. These are a foremost and profitable way to construct your wealth at a good pace. It offers you an extraordinary advantage of making profits with the use of your networking skills and utilising them of to avail more benefits.

Affiliate earnings helps us obtain maximum knowledge about Exor Company to have a prominent advantage in making the maximum profits.


Referral Income refers to that a part of earnings claimed when a person under you invests in his own account. It’s an elite commission paid on your networking competencies and offerings hosted. Such a commission is paid on every occasion if the person investing is referred by you. Exor Company offers 10% Referral commission to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency in its overall experience.

NOTE: Your account must be activated with a business plan in order to receive Referral commission.


Income you can earn by matching your Left and Right business is referred to binary commission. Revenue from the Exor Binary network is generated through the use of a binary tree. A binary setup is a compensation plan that has two branches (left and right) or sub-trees under each manifold, forming what is called a binary tree.

Activating a personal account and 2 direct accounts under you, one left and one right are essential for claiming your binary income.

Example: The total business on the Left side of an active account is $75000 and on the right side is $36000. Let's calculate the binary commission here.

Here, the business is matched (left and right) by $36000.

So, binary will be 10% of $36000 = $3600, and the balance of the remaining business of $39000 will be carried forward which you can match again.


The Exor company offers you a wide range of tangible and intangible rewards, such as special gifts, world trips, recognition and much more, in recognition of your service, effort or achievement. This allows our clients to increase their potential as the rewards are earned on top of regular return.

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